• When "Iron Man 2" arrived in theaters last week, a new trailer for "Inception" showed up with it. Followers of this blog know that I've made a concerted effort to avoid finding out too much about this movie; trailers and TV spots are fine, but I've shied away from the more spoiler-y leaks and breaking news.

    This latest trailer though... I'm disappointed now, after watching it. Which isn't to say that it's bad; it isn't. It just happens to be very revealing. Like "here's where the 'Matrix' rabbit hole goes revealed in a trailer" revealing. So in short... watch the following trailer at your own risk. Chris Nolan has cooked up some crazy stuff for his coming movie. I just wish I'd been able to steer clear of the particulars until the movie arrives in July.

  • "Die Hard 5" is coming. That's the news this morning. It's in the earliest stages at this point, as Fox is still negotiating with "The A-Team" scribe Skip Woods to write the script. But it confirms what Bruce Willis told us earlier this year, that more adventures with John McClane are coming down the pipe.

    Of course, as he said: "There is no John McClane." Which led us to believe that Mr. Willis needs to do something to cheer himself up. Hopefully, reviving this fun little video package will brighten his day a bit.


    "Machete" director Robert Rodriguez dropped a new trailer for his upcoming shouldn't-be-real-but-is movie on Ain't It Cool News today. There's nothing not to like about this mash-up of clips, titled "Illegal." Just about every member of star Danny Trejo's amazing supporting cast is highlighted, from Robert De Niro to Steven Seagal to Lindsay Lohan to Cheech Marin. Let's not forget about Jeff Fahey either; between this and "Lost," "Lawnmower Man" is definitely due for a renaissance. The video isn't embeddable -- and it might contain a cuss word or two -- but you can find it in all of its trashy-beautiful glory over on AICN.

  • The trailer for "Piranha 3-D" is now online. Don't confuse this with "Mega Piranha," which we debuted the trailer for last month. That movie features a fish eating a helicopter and the acting talents of pop star Tiffany. "Piranha 3-D," which hits theaters on August 27 features Christopher Lloyd and Richard Dreyfus. Tough call. Might as well see both. Check out the trailer for "Piranha 3-D" below.

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    Step Up 3D - [movie]

    Step Up 3D in HD

  • 有传闻称擎天柱将在结尾大战死去或是垂死

    导演迈克尔·贝(Michael Bay)官方论坛管理员Nelson近日发帖透漏,《变形金刚2》首批剧照将于美国时间12月29日亮相《今日美国》(USA Today)和《帝国》(Empire)杂志两家网站,我们应该会在明天或后天看到这些剧照。

    山姆与米凯拉在埃及逃难-希亚·拉博夫(Shia LaBeouf)与梅根·福克斯(Megan Fox)饰演

    山姆的大学好友里奥(Leo)将在片中重要出演-雷曼·罗德克里兹(Ramon Rodriguez)饰演