• 2010-02-09

    FKi - Bluesteel 2.0 - [Music]


    01. 8.0.8
    02. Turn It Up (Feat. Nakim, MumsFP, And Siya) [Prod. By FKi]
    03. That’ll Work (eat. Juicy J)
    04. Kirby (Feat. XV) [Prod. By Seven]
    05. Whats Goin On (eat. Mickey Factz) [Prod. By FKi]
    06. B.O.B. (Feat. Sean Famoso) [Prod. By FKi]
    07. Tungmartialarts [Prod. By Bezz'r]
    08. Satisfaction
    09. Problematic (eat. Slim Thug)
    10. Ultimate [Prod. By FKi]
    11. Phli High [Prod. By Justin Rose]
    12. Go For The Gold [Prod. By Sense]
    13. Is What It Is
    14. SellDrugs (Remix) (Feat. Adam Tensta)
    15. Fur In My Cap (Interlude) (Feat. Rob Roy)
    16. Mr. Ajax (Feat. Retro Su$h!) [Prod. By FKi]
    17. FineFuckItDoneFin (Feat. Rick Ross)
    18. Clap Ya Hands [Prod. By Fully Fitted]
    19. About Me [Prod. By FKi]
    20. My Name Is Mickey Factz [Prod. By FKi] (Bonus Track)

    Download HERE